lördag 12 oktober 2013

Rainy Tilda from Little London

Hello there cuties!

As some of you know I now have ALL of my stash packed and awaiting the move to my new room (That hubby hasn't even started...) God, knows when that will be! I imagine that some of you might realize the "pain" and longing Im going through not being able to play so yesterday evening I just had to go against everything I said I wouldn't do and I opened some boxes and had a go! I LOVED it! No surprise there ...duh! However...I can tell you it felt that it was a while since I created anything. Coloring took ages and I "never" seemed to like any papers I could use without unpacking it all. So at the end I had almost every box open..;) And I have a feeling I will do that again! lol! 

As the Little London stamps were released I just HAD to buy two of the Tilda's and Rainy Tilda is one of those. I just couldn't bear the feeling she was laying there alone, not seeing distressers. 
The papers are also Magnolia. The one with the clouds are so old but also very gold, at least if you ask me. Im almost out of it! :( 
The dies, a mini tag and the vintage keys are also by Magnolia. The rest is all from my all time fav shabby store Live and Love Crafts

Got to keep it a bit short today as Im taking my oldest, Signe, to the movies! Looking forward to some one on one time with my sweetie. But I do have some time to show you some extra pictures: 

Thank you so, so much for still popping by here after all of this time, it really means the world to me! 
You are the best followers ever! 
Hang tight! 
I will soon share some Magnolia christmas candy - two new images from the upcoming collection that I bought for you at the Magnolia store in Borås during Magnolia Event.