tisdag 31 december 2013

My top 10 of 2013 (Ops, its a top 13 but don't tell anyone)

 Its a bit of a tradition for me to end the year sharing my top 10. 
This year will be no different, even though I didn't create anything between September and late December. 
Here it is:  

TH Distresser Januari 2013, Image Magnolia  

TH Distresser February 2013, Image: Whiff of joy 

TH Distresser February 2013, Image: Magnolia

TH Distresser March 2013, Images: Magnolia 

TH Distresser May 2013, Image: Magnolia 

TH Distresser May 2013, Image: Magnolia 

TH Distresser June 2013, Image: Magnolia

TH Distresser June 2013, Image: Magnolia 

Copic Sketch Markers July 2013, Image: WEE stamps 

Copic Sketch Markers July 2013, Image: Magnolia 

Copic Sketch Markers July 2013, Image: WEE stamps 

Copic Sketch Markers July 2013, Image: WEE stamps

TH Distresser August 2013, Image: Magnolia 

Thank you so much for taking a look! 
I always enjoy making a top eh, eh 10 because it gives me a reason to reflect on the year that has past. I think 2013 is the year I can say I started using my Copic markers. In 2014 I will hopefully like the result I get using them. Muhahahahaha! 

Hope to see you in the new year! 


Lots of love 

fredag 27 december 2013

Bella (and some pics of my new room)

Hello everybody! 

As I write this Im a little bit in a "come back" mode ;) I can hardly believe it BUT seems my room is all ready! At least construction wise. Im still decorating and thinking long and hard about where and how I want my stuff displayed.
Heres some pictures of my new place: 

As some of you may know there is no room inside our house for a whole room that I can have all by my self so we started thinking outside the box. My husband had an idea that I quit fancied. He had thoughts about turning our outside garden storage area into a craft room. We have isolated it, painted it, added a new door, windows and new wooden floor. It doesn't look much but I looooove it! Finally I have my own place AND…I can lock the door ;) lol! 

Here´s a picture from inside with my new desk. 
I will buy a shabby office chair as soon as I get the time ;) 

My sewing machine has its own area on the desk ;) 

 I want some of my stuff near and dear but I want some of the things that I don't use that much to be "covered" up so it doesn't look to messy and cluttered. Im so not a fan of clutter! I have placed all my small decorations such as Embossing powder, buttons, Kort go godt flowers (the ones in containers) resin pieces, prima stuff and so on. I have also finished my ribbon organizer. It looks great!  
Here´s some pictures of that (they are on Insta with the rise filter thats why they are a little yellow) 

So enough about my new room ;) 

Here´s the very first card I made in there :) It features beautiful Bella from Saturated Canary. 
She is inked with my Copics as I have found I have no watercolor paper left!? OMG! Major catastrophe! ;) And I also have no glue!? Even bigger catastrophe! I have to admit Im still no huge fan of using my markers. I just don't think Im good enough with them. But as my friend says: I need to practice more often so maybe its a good thing I have no paper ha?

If you have made your way all they way down here Im proud of you! 
You guys are THE bestest followers!! 
Love you! 
Thanks for being here :)