söndag 9 oktober 2011

Magnolia Open house 2011

If you are here to see my new creation for MDUC click here

For those of you that are like me, very into Magnolia stamps ;) I have written up this post about my day yesterday. Magnolia arranged an open house with great prices and the release of the new Sweet Christmas dreams collection in focus. I´m so lucky to live in Sweden an being able to attend this great event. 
I also met lot´s of my crafting friends! I hope that wasn´t the last time..
Being there meeting all of these cuties and now as I´m writing this post up I feel like a child on christmas eve :) I can hardly believe I got to meet these awesome ladies! 
On the picture above I´m togheter with one of my teamies in Magnolia Down Under Challenges, I bet you all know about her already since she makes the most gorgeous creations for Magnolia. Her name is Camilla S and I discovered her blog very early on and I have always loved seeing what she makes and her coloring is so beautiful - top class! 
I also had the opportunity to meet another one of my fabby teamies, Janne and you can see a picture of that below

Janne also makes the most beautiful creations! She is a new addition to the MDUC dt group and what an excellent choice that was. Make sure you check out her blog becuase it´s filled to the top with awesome things! As if that wasn´t enough they had brought some more Norweigan candy to the candystore ;) This talanted lady´s name is Auhild and I´m so happy to have met her (although I have to tell you and yes I´m ashamed ;)) I didn´t realize it was her until I was in my car on my way home...:o OMG! Norweigan and swedish are quite the same and let me tell you when they talked to each other I felt like an alien ;) He,he,he! So...I´m happy to say I hugged her but I should have given her some proper congrats becuase she is the TOMIC guest this week! I´ll say them here instead Auhild! You make the most awesome creations, girl! 

I also got to meet these stunning friends; Hanne who has the blog Papirdilla! YAY! I´m a huge fan of her work, so I jumped right on and hugged her to ;) He,he,he! She is one of the greatest masters of the shabby chic style and her Maggie cards are to die for!
Lillemor, whom is also a part of the Magnolia dt and I was absolutely blown away to see her amazing creations live - my God, I knew they were beautiful but phew, they´re truly gorgeoues! She had used a material that is new to me, wellum, and I have to buy it - looked absolutely smashing!

Here she is togheter with another very talanted crafter, Sassa, whom is a dt for hÄnglar & stÄnglar amongst others ;) I have known about her before but I have never met her. She was such a darling too! I hope to see her again. She sat with Camilla S in her coloring workshop and let me tell you - she colors in the most awesome way!

Camilla H was also there and she showed how she makes her shaker cards and in front of her was some utterly beautiful creations, I´m so happy I got to see some of them IRL :) Stunning beyond words! And let me tell you - she´s such a sweetheart taking our pictures I ended up having none of her...*sob, sob* I can´t believe I missed out...I will have to ask her if I can get one from her own when she posts about this day later on ;)

I also missed meeting me other MDUC friends! I hope we get to meet someday: I KNOW we would have loads of fun!

Thank´s for checking in with me today!
Hugs xXx

16 kommentarer:

  1. Oh WOW Hunny! You had a great day! I just love all of your amazing goodies. Just delish! And the photos of the girls are must amazing, I am so envious :) One day it will be us together!
    Until then, biggest hugs ever Matey,
    Luv K xx

  2. Vilka underbara kort, Louise!
    Jag hade verkligen velat träffa dig, blev så osäker på "vem du var" där, men nu vet jag!


  3. Soooo glad you guys all had a GREAT day - you all look as gorgeous as the cards you create! Even though we couldn't all go at least we get to feel like we have through your fabulous pics!

  4. Oh Louise such gorgeous pictures!! You're all so beautiful and the store looks absolutely gorgeous too!!! can't wait to see what you create with your new goodies! hugs, Jane xxx

  5. Woooooooooooow for en fin dag du har hatt ♥♥

  6. Hi Hunni :)
    Sounds like a perfect day :) Oooh how I envy you for living in Sweden.. :)
    Maybe you could take me to live with you ... as a tenant ... hahhaahaa :)
    Well, maybe one day I can write same kind of posting as you did today.. :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week :)

  7. Åhhhh söthönan....vilka härliga kort!! Du är ju bara så go och glad att man vill kramas på dej ;)
    Tänk att jag drömmer då fortf att få komma till denna butik....oj oj,det går trögt!! =)


  8. Hei, Louise!
    Det var så fantastisk gøy og koselig å treffe deg IRL i går hos Magnolia:) Jeg kan nesten ikke tro det er sant at jeg var der..... Jeg våknet jo opp i min egen sang i dag tidlig, 46 mil fra Borås.... Herregud, så gal man er;) Kjører over 90 mil på en dag!??!! Men, det var verdt hver eneste mil. En stor opplevelse å få møte deg og alle de andre jentene som er fantastisk dyktige kortlagere. Nesten alle mine "favoritter" var jo der.... WOW!! Utrolig!
    Ha en fantastisk fin kveld og ny uke:))))))
    Stor klem,

  9. Hi dear Louise, it seems there are already few ladies envying you, and I am no exception... :o)). It sounds you had a wonderful and unforgettable day. So great to meet all those amazing and very talented ladies. Thank you so much for sharing those pics with us. I enjoyed to see them.
    Have a good start into the new week!
    Hugs, Karina

  10. Looks like you had a great time. Nice pics too. Hugs

  11. Hi my dear lucky girl!
    Your pics are fantastic, a really lovely day, right?!

    Hugs, Fra.

  12. Så koselig innlegg du har laget om Magnolia dagen. Det var bra du kom så jeg fikk hilse på deg. Tusen takk for et koselig møte. Håper vi sees igjen :)

    Klem, Audhild

  13. Well, aren't you just the most precious thing! I'm so glad you had a great time and even got to meet one of my sweet friends, Hanne, gotta love that girl! Wish I could have been there with you!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  14. OMG Louise..., this is for sure a day you will always remember - happy you !!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this great pictures!
    Big Hugs,

  15. Jag var också på Magnolia i lördags :) Lovely som alltid! Men missade workshoparna tyvärr, var väl lite väl fokuserad på shoppingen, haha.

    Kram Linda

  16. Gulle söte dig!!! Tack för att jag fick träffa dig! Synd att det bara var så kort stund. Men heh, det blir fler gånger hoppas jag!!
    Tack, tack för söööta ord!
    O du... det var meningen att du skulle komma. ;)
    Märkte du inte det... ;) *smile, smile*
    Stor kram SasSa


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