torsdag 22 mars 2012

Copic sketch and alphabets for sale!

Hi everybody!

As some of you know that are following my blog (thanks cuties ;)) we are expecting a baby during the summer. We live in a beautiful but pretty small house and until now it has only had two bedrooms. One for our daughter Signe and one for us but since another little princess is about to joy our life we need to make more room. So we have planned for a third bedroom. As exiting as this all is I´m pretty saddened to say my craftingspace has to go in order for this to work out. I will still be able to create and that makes me extrimely happy, I don´t see myself ever stop doing this. :) But my crafty gear needs to go into our bedroom which means less room for my stuff as you all can understand. So I have decided to get rid off some of the things I never or very seldomly use. This is a brilliant opportunity for you all to make some bargains ;)

First up is all of my Copic Sketch markers that I bought last summer. I have 45 for sale and I´d like to sell them all togheter so no use in emailing asking if I can make a exceptions. I can´t because I seriously don´t have that kind of time on my hands. To sell them all is a big step because I still want to learn how to use them but I just can´t store them anymore. :( In order to fit them all in one photo they are all above and undernieth eachother in the pic ;) I have had them placed in a regular penstand on my desk so the price does not include storage. The regular colours are hardly ever used all, some are never used. I have only practised the skincolours a little. So loads of ink left!

Here they are:

Here´s the colours:

Y32 Cashmere, R22 Light prawn, B95 Light greyish cobalt, G000 Pale green,  B93 Light crockery blue, Y38 Honey, B97 Night blue, B000 Pale Porcelain blue, B63 Light Hydrangea, W1 Warm Gray no 1, RV13 Tender Pink, Y13 Lemon yellow, B00 Frost blue, E 33 Sand, E00 Skin White, RV02 Sugared Almond Pink, RV10 Pale pink, Y35 Maize, R85 Rose Red, E0000 Floral white, R81 Rose Pink, R24 Prawn, G99 Olive, R21 Sardonyx, E59 Walnut, E49 Dark Bark, E77 Maroon, G00 Jade Green, B01 Mint blue, R12 Light tea rose, YR31 Light reddish yellow, G12 Sea green, RV21 Light pink, E25 Caribe cocoa, RV000 Pale purple, B41 Powder blue, B21 Baby blue, RV11 Pink, G03 Meadow green, R29 Lipstick red, R83 Rose mist, E000 Pale Fruit pink, Y000 Pale lemon, E13 Light sunitan, G82 Spring dim green.

If you´re intressted email me on I will sell to the first one that emails. I want 1800 SEK for these 45 sketch markers and if you live in Sweden the postage is on me. If you don´t I´m not sure what the shipment and handling will be. Price per marker = 40 SEK. Considering most of them has never been used that´s a pretty good price.

I also managed to get some twice...I know...stupid. So I have duplicates never used of:
RV 10, R 29 R 24 = these three 100 SEK (never been used)

I also want to sell two of my alpabeths from Quickutz.


Chick - a - Dee
I have used it about five times and the retail price was SEK 390:-. Only swedish buyers please. Shipment and handling 12 SEK and my price is 200 SEK.


I have used it about five times and the retail price was SEK 390:-. Only swedish buyers please. Shipment and handling 12 SEK and my price is 200 SEK.

The first once to contact me via email will get it.

Thank´s for looking!
I will sell some more later on so keep your eyes open :)


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