tisdag 1 januari 2013

DOC: My crafty space

Good evening everybody! 

Welcome back to my place, and my first dt post for Deep Ocean challenges in 2013! Im so happy to learn you are still with me ;) 

This first challenge is a very special and fun one me thinks, I dont even know if it qualifies into the category of challenge. He, he, he! 
We are so exited to give you a little tour of our crafty spaces. I used to have my own little room but as some of yo might know I had to switch rooms for my gear as Ella needed her own space too. 
Besides this open space I have to closets I will show you later on. Hop on the tour bus ;) 

This photo actually shows all of my workspace. Yes, its kind off small, I know. I bought all the furniture in a swedish very famous furniture store named IKEA. They are all over the world so you might have been in one ;) What I love about them is its so cheap! You end up ruining the desks anyway with glue stains, and tears all over from  moving gear around so I don't think its necessary to buy some expensive furniture. I have also change my desks and the rest of the gear twice already and I have only done this for four years...Let me show you some more detailed pictures.

At this little side desk I store my sewing machine and my Silhouette Cameo. I love them both dearly and really believe I couldn't cope without them. As you can see I have also bought a few shelfs at IKEA (called LACK) and Im using them to store all the inspiration I have been lucky enough to receive from all over the world. Most of it is for Ella when she was born but I will hold on to it til she gets big enough to treasure it herself. 

This is my big desk, this is where in usually seated. Except for when I´m showing or cutting anything, thats of course when Im placed at the smaller desk ;) I have managed to get hold of the most amazing storage for my dearly loved di pads (and other pads of course) Its called a Porta Ink and I love it soooo much! Its not really very visible here. Its the black little spinner in the upper right corner. Heres a better picture for you: 

(The picture is borrowed from the scrapstore I bought it at: Cili in papers)

To store my Copics which I haven't been sure I would keep or not I buy these  smart containers from Åhlens in my hometown, Malmoe. I dont know if theres any relevance to it but I have heard you do best if you store markers lying down??? Have no idea if thats right?? Maybe you know better? 

I store my small embellies here in small containers that I bought from Panduro Hobby. Such as brads, pearls, pins, flowers soft, snow tex and buttons. 

My inspirational shelf! Lots and lots of beauties.

My beloved sewing machine and my cameo

In this beautiful hanger I hang my designs to dry. I got it from a very dear friend for christmas! Thank you so much Debbie Dolphin! You are amazing!! 

And now...hold on to something cause now we are going in the closets...

On one shelf I store my dies and my die cutter 

Some punches

Sorry for the bad quality on this one, its so dark here now. :( 


So anyways...that was my crafty space...now Im dying to see yours! 
If you have a link or is planning to write a post regarding this now and wants to leave some words for me pls include the link and I will run to see you ;) 

Loads of hugs 

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  1. Love it Love it Love it Louise I so enjoyed having a good old nosy and loving all your inspirational projects!! Love Chanelle xx

  2. Vilken rolig utmaning!
    Ha ha ha, jag ser att någon har städat... :) Bra tips med Copics förvaringen, den snor jag nog ;) och ja, jag har också blivit med Copics, woohoo. Inte så många än men dock... Så kul att du fick kläm på din Cameo och att den har börjat gå varm.
    Här kommer kvällen andra omgång av KRAMAR!!!

  3. louise, your space is amazing i just love it wish i still had pics of mine to share but i now changed rooms and have not phographed it for a while!!! love your inspirational shelf what a great idea!!! I always love to look at your cards they are sooooo wonderful...so glad i happened upon magnolia stamps back in august they are just tooo cute i just love them and love visiting all you amazing artists... hope someday you pop on over to my little blog!! always a treasure to visit...

  4. Love the entire share, but have to say the inspiration shelf and that hanger are brilliant deary! Simply lovely!
    Tammy Louise

  5. Ha Louise!
    It looks great and cosy!!!!
    XXX Yvonne

  6. Ha Louise!
    It looks great and cosy!
    XXX Yvonne

  7. Vilket härligt inlägg, Louise!
    Så mysigt att få se var du sitter och skapar så mycket vackert!


  8. Ohhh! Awesome Sweetie! Now I know where you work! I love your space. And I saw a few very familiar cards hanging around too hahaha. I love snooping around craft rooms, getting inspiration for my new one ;)
    Thanks for sharing Hunny!
    Big hugs xx

  9. HI ya Sweetheart! Do you know something that's so funny?! I smiled all the way through your post! It was like I got to visit you in your very own craft room and you shared something so special with us! Thanks for all those pics into the place where the "magic" happens! I totally love that idea where you have a bin to just place all your punches in! Cause mines sure takes up a lot of room. IKEA huh? Hmmm .. I may have to try and check that place out one day! :) Thank you so much!!

    OHOHOHOH! HAPPY NEW YEAR my Sweetheart!!! Wishing you and your beautiful family a WONDERFUL 2013!!!

    Love and Hugs,

  10. super flot du har inrettet dig og dine inspirations hylder er virkeligt inspirerende med alle dine super smukke skønne ting.

  11. It's always interesting to take a peek of other's craft rooms and stashes, it usually also gives you some storage ideas. Thanks for sharing.I have IKEA book shelves as well (yeah one's got to support Swedish export, right?!) and I use these fabric boxes that I cram everything into. You see I don't like to have things standing around collecting dust. The only thing I like to have on display are my Copics so I can see them and of course the cards I've received. I can see you and Ella got plenty; I'm a bit jealous now...oh and now that I just discovered Debbie's tag I'm even more jealous. :-)


  12. Love your scraproom and see lots of good ideas
    I think we have to bring Ikea a visit real soon :-D
    Love to see all your gorgeous cards together !!
    Hugs, Ellen

  13. What a lovely peek into your scrap space... is it always that tidy?! Beautiful, beautiful inspiration shelf, and I love your little drying hanger too!
    Alison x


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