onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Magnolia Event 2012

So this weekend me and my lovely friends Annette and Hanna went to Borås to attend the amazing Magnolia Event. This year it was the first time it lasted a whole weekend but sadly me and my friends only visited on saturday. Since I didnt feel like bringing little Ella (I was attending a WS and standing in line probably isnt a fav thing to do for 2 and a half month olds ;)) I chose to go one day only. Ella will be over a year next Magnoloa day so Ill definately stay for two whole days then if they will offer WS:s then as well! But I´ll start at the top and lead you through :) Since Ive been to the store so many times (dont take me the wrong way - I love it ;)) I have only taken pics of me and my friends. If you want to see some stunning pics of the actual store I recommend a visit with my lovely friend Debbie Dolphin.

Here we are waiting in line, dying to go inside :) Annette, me and Hanna :) 
We wanted to try and get our hands on one of those goodie bags. To do that you have to be amongst the first 50 inside. We were numbers 23, 24 and 25 so we got them! 

Now let me tell you a little more about the WS I chose to attend! One of the ladies in the Magnolia DT and also my teamie in MDUC, lovely Debbie Dolphin was one of the DT´s Magnolia invited to teach WS:s. I really wanted to meet her and spend some quality craft time togheter. I was so exited to be able to meet her in person. We were already such good friends and we have had so much fun already but to meet IRL just confirmed all the good sides I know she has. She is an amazing friend and she is just as beautiful on the outside as the inside. Thank you Debbie, I loved it! In her WS she taught us how to color in sepia (which Ive wanted to do for so long ;)) and here´s what we made: 

So what do you think? 

And here´s a picture of me and Debbie: 

Magnolia also invited other talanted DT members and Im so happy to have met them as well. 
This is a real cutiepie, Mr Alberto Gava. He is also a gorgeous friend to me and Im so honored to say that we also have met now and we shared the most cozy hug ;) Here he is at his table teatching his WS which was Stamping the illusion of movement. Id love to have been able to attend that one too but time just didnt allow it. :( 

I have two large regrets from my visit. I didnt ask anyone to take a photo of me with Alby OR Magnolia DT member Christine Dark! Why? My brain must have left for a vacation somewhere in the middle of my visit. At least I got to meet them and they were both really awesome. Chris taught yet another WS Id love to have been able to do and that was coloring backgrounds. I mean, seriously: she totally is the queen of that!

In the picture below another beloved friend of mine, since she is swedish too Im lucky enough to have met her before. She showed us how she color her beautiful skintones with di´s. Her name is Lillemor and my heart skipped a beat to fianlly see her again. She is so cute! And she watercolors in the most gorge way!

I dont know if you remember I told you a little while back our amazing little MDUC family is growing. One of our newest additions is lovely Camilla H and she also showed us how she colores using her di´s. I mean, the cards look beautiful in our blogs but I wish you could have seen them IRL because they are even more gorgeous. I have also met Camilla a couple of times before and I was so happy to give her a hug again! 

Here we are togheter! :) My MDUC teamie and I :) Both Camilla and Lillemor are such amazing ladys too and they inspire me all the time, both regarding crafts and with their lovely personalities. I hope we will meet again soon!

As you can see I have had the most amazing time! However I usually meet some of my stunning norweigan friends while Im there too. I just wanted to mention I missed you, Camilla SJanne and Audhild
Thank you so much everybody! I hope to see you all again someday! 

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  1. OMG - you are such a gorgeous person :) I love all of these photos of you and everyone. You look so happy and content. A beautiful heart meeting more beautiful hearts. One day Sweetie - one day!! We will get to spend some time here together !! with our gorgeous other halves and adorable little people. I cna't wait (i'm thinking 2016ish... ;) )
    Big hugs xxxx

  2. Men vad var i goodie bagen då!??!

  3. Ååå Louise! Tusen takk for at du tar oss med på din Magnolia dag!!:) Du er så heldig som har fått oppleve dette, workshop med Debbie (!!) og de fantastiske menneskene du har møtt! Kan forestille meg hvor moro det må ha vært! Du er også et utrolig flott menneske Louise! Så de er heldig som har fått møtt deg også!:))
    Varme klemmer fra Camilla

  4. It looks like you had the most amazing time, I loved reading all about your day, thank you for sharing it xo

  5. Gorgeous pics, you all look stunning HUGZ Fleur xXx

  6. Thank you for sharing with us! I enjoyed your photos, everyone looks so happy and I wish I were there, what a treat for you!

  7. Brilliant pics, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful time with us :) loved reading your post!
    Love, Mel. xxx

  8. Superfina foton du delar med dig av! Ser ut som du hade en toppendag i Borås! :D
    Alltså, jag har noll koll på allt inom kortmakeri just nu känner jag ;)
    Vet inte vilka som ingår i Magnolias designteam, inte har jag koll på alla olika färgläggningssätt heller! *haha* ;)
    Mycket har man missat på detta året man hållit uppe.
    Jag skulle nog mest agera fågelholk om jag åkte på en sånt där öppet hus numera!! ;)


  9. Awww Louise you look gorgeous sweetie, and you look like you had a most amazing time! You are so lucky to have met all these gorgeous people (and they you). I am putting aside some pennies in the hope that maybe next year I will be able to come to Boras.
    Love and hugs
    Kat xx

  10. Så gøy at du deler dine opplevelser med oss Louise. Ser ut som om du har hatt en super dag, og fikk møtt mange i Magnolia teamet og MDUC. Jeg skulle gjerne ha vært på Magnolia dagen jeg også, men det gikk desverre ikke i år. Håper vi har muligheten til å komme neste år og at vi møtes da Louise.
    Klem fra Audhild

  11. Hello Lou!

    want to start letting you know that i miss you so much already!
    you are a wonderful person inside and out and stay at the magnolia event with you has been ...WOnderful!
    you had made my saturday special and wonderfulo time here!
    such an honour to call you friend and happy to have you to my right on my scrapbooking trail! you're a wonderful friend my dear!

    thank you so much for everything you do here in blogland and your talent is alaways with me!

    hugs, Alby

    PS: hope this have sense? my english is really orrible!

  12. Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.
    I would love to be there!!

    hugs, Durvina

  13. Ooh Louise, I so loved reading everything and seeing all these beautiful pics!!! I know it was such an AMAZING weekend! All of the people you have shown and spoke about are so wonderful .. just like YOU!!! Thank you for sharing your time there with us .. I LOVED seeing everything you put here! :)

    Big Hugs to you Sweetheart,

  14. Så härligt många fina kort du visar!

    Så härligt att få krama dig i helgen också!


  15. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh That pic of me is so awful!!!!
    But the rest of your post is lovely. Why do you have to have me in and spoil it!!!LOL

    Great day and so lovely to have met you at last. xxx
    Hugs Debbie x

  16. ÅH, så avundsjuk jag blir. :) Det verkar som om du hade en helt fantastisk dag. Korten är helt underbara. Förstår att du vill tillbaka nästa gång. :)

  17. Hi Louise,

    Yessss It was BIG FUN last Saturday at the Magnolia Shop
    and it was so FAB to follow the workshop of Debbie's!!!
    It was GREAT to meet some DT members IRL!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!


  18. Kära Louise!
    Tusen TACK för din inspiration och glädje.
    Du är helt fantastisk som ger så mycket av dig själv.
    Saknar dig massor.
    Nästa gång hoppas jag att vi även kan ta en fika tillsammans<3
    Kramar Camilla

  19. Åhhhhh du är ju så söt så man smälter....din lilla glading!!! =) Härliga bilder och jag blir INTE avis alls..../*visslar* *blinkar* *harklar mej*
    JOOOOOOOOOO JAG BLIR SÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ AVIS SÅ JAG DÖÖÖÖÖÖÖR!!!! Både på dom som fått träffa dej och på alla som sett butiken!!!! =)


  20. Oh Louise, what a gorgeous post and it was so lovely to read it! I'm still over the moon and can hardly believe that I met you, I wish it could have been for longer and agree that I would have loved to have had a photo with you...........next time ;) (thank you for your sweet words by the way, you are too kind :D )xxx. The photo of you and Debbie is amazing, I know you'll both treasure it and I'm so glad you had the workshop time together. Here's to another time of meeting up in the future I hope. Chris xxx <3

  21. So.... I'm not jealous at all.... honestly I am so green with envy - I can only imagine how fantastic it was to meet so many gorgeous and wonderful people all at once, your a lucky girl Louise:-) One day hopefully I can too go to a Magnolia Open day... me and Kylie wouldn't that be sooooo awesome? One can dream I guess!!

  22. Vilken dag ni måste ha haft. Måste vara helt galen hi hi hi. Vi var också någa som funderade på att åka men vi valde att åka på scrapträff nu till Helgen i Växjö. Men nästa gång får vi nog ta Magnlia dagen i stället.
    Så snygg tags är det va om jag ser rätt? Helt underbar.
    Ha det bäst. Kramar Louise

  23. Oh what gorgeous photos sweetie and you can just see the happiness bursting in your gorgeous smile!!! It must have been amazing to meet everyone and like Karen I'm not jealous at all (much lol)! I'm so thrilled for you that you got to do Debbie's workshop and the tag you made looks amazing! I too hope that we will meet one day! big hugs, Jane xxxx

  24. omg!!! the pics are amazing. think you have had an amazing day sweetie, right? :) The Tag you have made is gorgeous hun. it will be a dream to go to sweden one day. then we have to meet us :)

    Biggest Hugs and a fab weekend for you
    Dunja xx


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