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MDUC: Song inspired (picture heavy)

Hi friends and followers! 

YAY! Im back! My word, Ive been missing in action lately havent I? I have had loads of other stuff to think about trying to get things back on track with my lovely girls. Signe has had a bit of a struggle lately. She will be six years in may next year and as I educated my self to be a teacher we read a lot about kids and behavior through diffrent stages of their development and ages. Typical for a six year old is amongst other things to act a bit pre teen. ;) Slamming doors, being mad and having break downs for what we as parents consider the slightest things. And yes! I can tell you she has been acting out for a while. She is the most beautiful girly - inside out! But things and stages like this can really put any parent to the test. ;) Besides being almost six she just became a big sister and I believe that has been very trying for her as well since she has been all alone in getting everybodys attention before. Now she has to adjust to her new roll in our family. Poor thing! As the tip of the iceberg she has lost her first two teeth so shes got a lot going on. Im hoping things will go back to "normal" again soon so I will have the energy to craft in the evenings. 

Enough about that and on to the theme of the new challenge at Magnolia Down Under! We want to see you make something keeping a song in mind! I have had so much fun creating this pop up card! One of my lovely teamies and cutest friends, Camilla Stöen Bakke , has made this awesome tutorial that I followed since this was my first one. It was so easy so if you feel like trying one yourself I deeply recommend this one. And hey, look at the utterly gorgeous creation she made- now thats inspiration! 
I have been wanting to buy this cute angel Tildas from the Little Christmas collection ever since they made their way into the stores but I firstly bought them during the Magnolia Event in Borås a couple of weeks ago. I couldnt wait to color them and I had this project planned long before the stamps moved in with me and so I needed a song about angels. I googled to see what I could find and as I truly need to get a move on with my chrissy cards I immediately decided on the beautiful "Hark the Harold angels sing". And!! When I was at the Maggie store I noticed one of the 6*6 papers released in the christmas story collection is the notes and text to this very song! It was like destiny right? ;) I need some more of the papers though cause I kind of love them and nearly ran out! Booooohhhhoooooo! *sob, sob*

This Tilda was released in the fairytale collection a couple of years ago but I thought she suited just perfectly for the front of my card. She is so cute! Now I want to show you more pictures of the front:
I have followed the new gorgeous sketch over at CLP challenges, it looks like this for the month of october:

GOD JUL is swedish and means Merry christmas. 

And for the inside I printed the first verse of the song and placed it in the background. The two cute to the boot Tildas are whats popping in this card ;) I have colored all Tildas with my di´s on 300 g watercoloring paper. Thanks to another gorgeous friend of mine in blogland, Melly, I now am a proud owner of my first The Langton ultra smooth watercoloring paper. Thank you so much for helping me out sweetie! I truly apprechiate it! I added loads of beautiful WOC flowers and a lot of Magnolia dies. 

The card is pretty decked out ;) 

Now, if you made it all the way here Im so grateful. Inspite all of my rambling and pictures ;) 
Before you head off I hope I might have inspired someone to join us, we would love to see you there! 
Oh, and please! Do not miss out on the utterly LOVELY creations by my teamies here

Biggest of hugs! xXx

18 kommentarer:

  1. Min skapare vilket vackert kort Louise!!! vilket jobb du lagt ner på detta bulkiga (älskar tjocka bulkiga kort) vackra kort!!!
    Jag vet vad du går igenom med en 6åring...har haft 3 egna... det är bara att härda ut, det går över!
    KRAM Lillemor

  2. OMG I cannot believe you hadnt had the Langton paper sweetie. Al you needed to do was ask me <3....Its amazing and Ive never used anyhting else.

    Awhh to Signe,bless her... She's just letting you know she's still there.:)
    She's fiesty!!!just how she should be.

    Miss you too.:(....LOTS
    Hugs Debbie xxx

  3. Oh wow Hunni this is gorgeous.i gasped (in a good way) when I saw it in the post and was still blown away when I read your post. Love the pinks for a Xmas card and the whole thing actually!
    I hope things improve soon with Singe it can be very trying for us as parents and as you say draining leaving not much energy for anything else!
    Big hugs xxoo

  4. Wow, wow, wow!!! Så utrolig vakkert Louise! Elsker alle detaljene, og så stilig med pop-up inni <3
    Og så vakkert du fargelegger!!
    Varme klemmer fra Camilla

  5. Louise! It was definitely meant to be!!!! How gorgeous! I love how you put the song on the inside and the little characters pop up. It is pretty easy to be inspired by Camilla huh, this is true inspiration also!!!!! Your distressing is so pretty!
    As far as Signe....awe poor baby loosing those teeth and adjusting to being a big sis! She will outgrow of this phase soon, I'm sure, and be back to the Signe you are used to. I remember those days of being exhausted and feel for ya! AHHHH!
    Take care sweetie!
    Big hugs, Dena

  6. Oh Sweetie! Poor little Signe, dont you just wish you could pacify them with a hug like when they were really little? She is a special little person with the biggest heart, just like her mum. She's lucky she has you.
    Your card is a masterpiece! Outstanding! I love all the textures and layers.
    Big hugs xxx

  7. Louise sweetie...... this is a very stunning, detailed card!!! LOVE IT!!! Love the colors and how you have done the die cuts on it!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    big hugs dear................

  8. Louise you are just so adorable!! And your card is absolutely stunning! I hope this is planned for hand delivery as it is very full of love! He he he
    I hope Singe settles into her knew role in the family soon hun.
    Big squeezes xoxox

  9. Hi Sweet Louise!!! Oohh my gosh! Well, goodness gracious, this is yet again GORRRRRGEOUS!!! I SO love your colouring and your skills .. wow wow wow .. this is like a slice of heaven!!! Totally dreamy and divine .. sigh .. this is luuurrrve! :) You are simply AMAZING dear!

    Now as for Signe .. oh bless her sweet heart! I know it, I know it well! My little guy just turned 6 at the end of August, and I hear you sister! He's been changing as well. But Signe has a bigger adjustment .. she has a new baby sister. I know that with your loving parenting skills .. everything will be just fine before you know it. :) And if it takes a little while longer .. well .. both you and I can scream together. LOL!

    Sending you big Hugs!

  10. Åhh...Louise!!
    En stoooor Kram till dig vännen..
    Du får vara arg och du får vara ledsen, det måste man få vara även som mamma och vuxen.
    Den lilla prinsessan börjar bli stor och vill gärna vara i centrum hela tiden.
    Och det kommer bli värre det ska du veta :)
    Men tiden går fort kära du.
    Snart är dom på väg ut ur boet och man undrar:
    - Vart tog åren vägen när barnen var små???

    Ett helt fantastiskt pop-up kort har du gjort.
    Så välgjort och så mycket vackert att titta på.
    Vacker målning av dom små flickorna.
    Älskar din härliga målning och dina färgval.
    Stor kram till dig gumman.
    Kram Camilla <3

  11. Meeeeen hå och hej......jizzzzzzeeee Louisssssse!!!! Det är ju bara helt galet så fint du får till det!! OJ OJ!! =)


  12. It's a beautiful card!! I love your pop-up Angels, your lovely girl is just trying to adapt to not being the only child bless her xxx and showing you her fiesty side ;) she sounds wonderful to me!! heee..hee but I don't have to cope with it!!
    Lots of love to you all xxxx
    melly. xxx

  13. Wow, this is just gorgeous. Lots of details, amazing design.

  14. That is so pretty Louise. Wonderfull colouring and details.

    Hugs Monique

  15. Louise, your card is soooooooooo ADORABLE..., a dream in pink !!!
    I can understand your situation 100%..., my little one is 5 1/2 too and tries also everything to get attention! We have to love, love, love our sweet girls, they soon will get into a new stage... smile!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  16. Vilka underbara kort, Louise!
    Så fina och väldekorerade och din färgläggning, som vanligt, makalöst vacker!

    Ja du barn är barn och som sagt, det går över och vi glömmer fort!
    Snart är det nästa barns tur!!!
    Men njut nu av din ledighet och det går över min vän, alla åldrar har sin "charm"!!!


  17. Ojojojoj...så underbart kort!!!! Jag bara älskar alla detaljer och dekos som du får till på fint sätt. Snygga färger, fin text och pop upp, gisses...dina fingrar är magiska.

    Gissa om jag känner igen mig när jag läser om Signe. Jag har gått igenom det med Elsa och har ju bara två till att vänta =) Men jag brukar trösta mig med att det går över. Det är en period och efter regn kommer sol. En styrkekram till dig <3

  18. Helt fantastiskt, underbart kort!!!


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