fredag 13 juli 2012

Just LOOK at what I got!!

OMG!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world :) My life is so exiting at the moment! Our little babygirl is due in only five days (I don´t feel the teeniest tinyest little indication of her wanting to come out though ;)), I´m going out for dinner with a lovely friend tonight, just awaiting the new Maggiestamps I ordered to come in the mail AND look what I got!!! It´s almost to good to be true ;)

You know how we all have that special person in blogland that we deeply admire? It´s usually more than one but then there´s that ONE. Ha,ha,ha! After me starting off doing cardmaking in 2009 it didn´t take me long to find her AWESOME blog. Her name is Camilla Stöen Bakke and she lives in Norway. Since then I follow her every step and I´m ALWAYS so amazed of her stunning, stunning work :) Look at that coloring - it is divine! So shabby chic and very inviting for the eyes, right! Besides this I have also found out during the years she is a fantastic person that I have come to treasure a lot as a friend :)

Therefore it was a dream come true to find out she had picked my entry as her personal favorite in the TOMIC anniversary celebration challenge with the theme anything goes a while ago. If you where picked you could win a card made by someone in the Magnolia DT. I would have loved to recieve any of them beacuse they are all so beautiful!

Here´s my entry:

And look what I won! The most stunning of cards made by lovely Camilla!

I borrowed this amazing picture of Camilla Stöen Bakkes amazing creation from her own blog, Cards by Camilla!

Isn´t it just the most gorgeous thing you´ve ever seen??
And I can tell you it´s even more beautiful in real life!

So if you by any chance have missed out on Camillas beautiful blog you just click any of my links up here and you´ll come right there!
She is an amazing crafter :)

Thank you so much dearest Camilla for doing this! YAY!!

I promise to be back with something I made again real soon ;)
Big hugs xXx Louise

11 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Louise, no wonder Camilla chose your beautiful card, it's fabulous!! how exciting to get a card of someone you most admire in the crafting world.
    Both cards are very beautiful.
    Five days!! how exciting xxxxx
    Lots of love, melly. xxx

  2. Grattis snäckan! Inte speciellt förvånad att du blev vald ;) Du gör ju så underbara alster! Så himla kul att det var Camilla som valde dig och att du fick ett kort från henne! Två fantastiska kort!
    Full koll på nedräkningen, så himla spännande!
    Sköt om dig vännen!

  3. Hello sweetie! and hello Little cutie on your tummy!
    i'm really exited! 5days to go! super duper exited!!! (would you can send me a littloe email when the new little girl born? i'm super exited for this and i'm doing countdown!!)

    anyway i'm so happy you got this! i'm super happy that camilla choosen you! you have made a wonderful card and love how you've colored this!

    i send you a warm hug from Italy!

  4. YAY!!!!! Go Louise!!!!! Your rock girlie!! Congrats!! Your card is wayyyyy tooo
    I agree with you about Camilla, her work is outstanding and there is so much to admire!!!
    5 more days eeek!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  5. What a treasure, so gorgeous and Louise your work is stunning too, can't wait until your bundle arrives, make sure to share lots of pics with us!

  6. What a fabulous Win Louise and from your all time favourite is even better!! So glad you are having a great time at the moment and I can tell from your post that you are soooooo happy!!!! Five days to go wow its going so fast well for us probably really slow for you and your family!!

    Take care and have plenty of rest ready for your big arrival. Love and hugs Chanelle xxx

  7. YEEEEEY!!! Grattis pigan!! Men inte så konstigt.....jag har ju kortet här hemma och det är bara såååååååå himla fint!!! Duktiga Pigis!!=)

    Ha en skön helg och ta hand om dej och magen....;)

  8. Så heldig du er som har fått kort av Camilla!!

    Lykke til med fødselen :)

  9. The countdown is on!!!! Huge congrats and many blessings for a swift and simple labor!! And these cards!! Firstly, your work is AMAZING so YEAH, you were a winner, OF COURSE hehehehe!! But that is just way too cool that you received a piece of art from someone that you look up to!! Very nice!! And her work, is too, very stunning!! Beautiful beautiful stuff!!
    hugs, stephanne

  10. Both are stunning cards but it's lovely to receive them as it is to give them isn't it. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Teresa xx

  11. Ååååå Louse da!!:))) For en flott post, det var alt for masse skryt...! Men tusen takk <3 Du er bare så god! Veldig moro å sende kort til deg når du blir så glad for det <3
    Og ikke vanskelig å velge ditt kort, det er helt nydelig!! Kjempefint motiv, og så fint med Stempelglede stempelet. OG fargeleggingen din er bare helt fantastisk!!
    Igjen gratulerer med verdens søteste Ella! Jeg er så glad for at alt gikk fint, og at hun er frisk og sååå nydelig <3
    God helg!!
    Klemmer fra Camilla


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