fredag 20 juli 2012

Little babygirl Ella is here ♥

Hi friends and fellow crafters!

Let me start off by telling you there really is NOTHING crafty about todays posting ;) Although I must confess I recieved some packages with stamps I ordered and they are sooooo calling out my name. ;) There are some really beautiful Magnolias lying here on my desk, waiting for me to work them ;) And I will, but I just have to share what has happened in our lifes this past week and tell you that as soon as I can I will get crafty again :)

 As some of you may know we have a five year old daughter named Signe and has always been the apple of our eyes! She is such an amazing little girl and I´m so proud of being her mummy. Being a mum is the most important job I always say and to be her mother is pure joy          When Signe was about two and a half years old, me and hubby started trying to concieve another little baby. However after trying for quite some time we noticed my health was deteriorating. Each month I had worse and worse periods with loads of pain and I started seeing my doctor. They diagnosed me with a common womans decease that is named endometriosis. I had never heard of it but to make a long story short you dont bleed all out each month but a certain amount of blood stays in your womb. After a while this blood starts clogging up and become cysts. On a scan they noticed I had one on my ovarie, it was about 10 cm big. I was listed for surgery and found out when I woke up they had to remove it and that the ovarie I had left was looking very infected too. A new time for surgery was booked and they had to remove that one as well. That meant I had no ovaries left = which meant no more babies, at least not the "natural way". Luckily enough medical science is amazing and we were told we could try IVF. Some of you might know all about that and the psycic preassure that means - at least it did for us. By this time I had found a great hobby which is papercrafting. I´m so thankful for that because I was so sad and being able to create cards was my rescue at many times! After many sorrows we found out we were ever so lucky!! We managed to concieve a baby again :) can imagine how we both feel welcoming our latest additon into our loving family. Many that goes through life never gets to enjoy this no matter how much they want to so I´m feeling very humble and thankful! Sometimes we have a way of taking our loved ones for granted even though we don´t wish too, it just happends. I always try not too! Well, tears of joy are streaming down my face as I´m about to introduce you to our little miracle! She was born on july 17th at 18:28 and is now soon three days old. She weighed 3870 g and is 52 cm long. Everything went really well and even though I (naturally, everybody in labour does ;)) suffered great pain it was nothing compared to the feeling of harmony and unconditional love we now feel as a family of four. I´d do it again - anytime! If there was an Ella to meet at the end of it ;)  

I also want to share some photos: 

Ella 2 hours old at the hospital.

Signe and Ella meet for the very first time
Mummy, can I pleeeaaassse change her diaper??

Ella is getting all cozy on her baby blanket on her first day at home
Signe is so proud of little Ella
 Ella in her car seat at the way home today.

Signe in the same car seat about two weeks old! They really look alike ha?

Thank you for being here!
I look forwards to coming over to your places again soon
Big hugs xXx

33 kommentarer:

  1. Aww. Louise she is just perfect. I have tears streaming down my face at the moment reading your story, I am so so happy for you and if anyone derserves this wonderful miracle then its you. Huge congratulations to you and you family, I send you lots of love and cuddles.
    Kat xx

  2. Oooohhhhh Louise she's fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you're fabulous too!!!
    Lots of happiness to all your family!!!

    Huge hugs and love from Italy
    Cinzia xxx

  3. A huge congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous daughter.
    I didn't know what ivf entailed until a close friend went through it, she had her babies on 6th July. Little ones bring so much joy, the pain just seems to pale into insignificance, I've only it 20 months between my two, if I had the money I'd do it all again in a blink.
    Card making is a great escape,it's helped me to get though this year.
    Hugs, Becky x

  4. Hi lovely, I can so relate to your story, only mine didn't have a happy ending like yours xxx
    I am so very happy for you, what a lovely family you make ♥.
    You make us all smile at your happiness :)
    Thank you for sharing your joy, and enjoy your beautiful family.
    Love, Mel. xxx

  5. Grattis till den nya familjemedlemmen!
    Stor kram från Mia

  6. Oh Louise I have goose bumps reading your post what an amazing story and such a perfect ending!!!

    I can't tell you how happy I am for you and your family and my word she is just gorgeous and such wonderful photo's!!! She is so lucky to be born into such a loving family and to have such a beautiful big sister!

    Have fun and take care sweet Louise you so deserve this time!!!

    Love Chanelle xx

  7. Grattis till ert lilla mirakel.

  8. Hjertelig tillykke med en perfekt baby!!! Kos deg!

    Klem, Hege:)

  9. Ååååå hvilken herlig prinsesse dere har fått Louise!!
    For en fantastisk historie og for et utrolig vakkert resultat :)
    Nyt hver dag med hverandre, Signe og lille nydelige Ella.
    Kos dere
    Masse, masse klemmer til deg
    fra Jill

  10. Så underbart Louise att du har blivit mamma igen och att Signe har fått en liten syster. Jag sänder dig massor av grattiskramar och önskar dig och din familj lycka till.

    Ha det gott

  11. Gratulerer Louise! TO nydelige prinsesser du har:-)
    Riktig god sommer til dere alle fire!!!

    Klem Laila.


    Omg Louise, she's just PERFECT! It's a special moment, i imagine how glad are you!
    I send you and your family a BIG BIG hug and a kiss to te little one!


  13. Gratulerer så masse med prinsesse nr.2 Louise.
    Kos deg masse med den lille familien fremover.

    Klem, Audhild

  14. Grattis vännen. Så underbart och vilka härliga bilder.
    Mys med din fina familj, Bamsekramar från Petra

  15. That is oh so sweet, your beautiful words!!! Huge congrats on your little miracle!! Now, can you bottle up some of that new baby smell and ship it to me lol!! It only lasts a few weeks hehehe!! Very cute daughters you have, I hope Signe will still be as enthused about diaper changes as she is now as time goes by :)
    hugs, stephanne

  16. Oh Louise my friend Im so tearful reading your story. Ella looks perfection and Signe is such a proud older sister xxx
    Congratulations to all of you and may you get many years of happiness (Until their teens!!!!) hee hee
    big hugs
    Debbie xxx

  17. My little IVF miracle is now taller than me - LOL. We have a LOT to be thankful to medical advances for don't we?!?!? You know how happy I am for you all - little Ella is the sweetest little baby and Signe will be an amazing big sister! Lotsaluv and special hugs to you all.

  18. She's looking sooooo cute. Congratulations to all of you and all the best.


  19. OoOoH Louise sweetie! A HUGE Congratulations to you and your family for this little miracle brought into the world! She is gorgeous like her Mom and sister! I loved reading your story and I am soOoO happy that Ella is finally here safe and sound in the comforts of home. :) sigh ... she's as perfect as perfect can be! And Signe looks like she is a pro at being a fabulous sister!!! :) Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous pictures with us!

    Congratulations Sweetheart!!!

    Sending you lots of love and hugs,

  20. Ohh!!! You are truly blessed. And I am so proud of you.
    I can't get over how similar Signe and Ella are as babies. They are like twins separated by 5 years, amazing! Little Ella was truly meant to be yours xxxx
    Enjoy every moment - you all deserve it.
    Biggest hugs xxx

  21. Congratulations Louise and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us! Ella is just so precious and what a little cutie :) I think both your gorgeous girls look like their Mum!

    Take Care!
    Sharon x

  22. Härliga härliga bilder på dina underverk Pigan!! Jag är så glad att ni lyckades att få till det lilla nya knytet då jag vet att ni har fått kämpa!!! <3

    Dom är verkligen lika varandra Signe och Ella i bilstolarna....=)

    Kram till er alla

  23. Congrats with this miracle Ella she and her sister are beautiful and your so so blessed. I got tears in my eyes reading your story and am truly so happy for you and your hubby with this blessing.
    Take your time to enjoy your two girlies !!
    Hugs, Ellen

  24. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!! both of them!!! Have fun and enjoy them as they grow up way to fast dear!!
    big happy hugs, Janiel

  25. Congratulations dear Louise to your little miracle from heaven...!!!
    Your both girls are so beautiful...
    Enjoy your family, big hugs honey,

  26. Hi Louise,
    congratulations to your little miracle! I'm so happy for you! Ella and Signe are absolutely adorable and I wish you and your family all the best!
    Big hugs, Anja

  27. Grattis, grattis GRATTIS, gumman!! Jag är verkligen sååå glad för din, för er, skull! Det måste vara en ännu större mirakelkänsla att få hålla i lilla Ella efter allt ni gått igenom... Det är helt otroligt... Nu är hon här, det ljuvliga lilla knytet... Njut, njut, njut!! Och visst är det konstigt att man helt plötsligt kan älska två små varelser lika mycket och inte behöva dela på den kärlek man kände för den fösta??


  28. Ett stort grattis till er fina lilla tös!! Va kul för Signe att få en lillasyster!
    Jag får gåshud av att läsa ditt inlägg, vilken historia! Jag är så glad för er skull!! Ta hand om er och än en gång, GRATTIS!! Tack för att du visar lite foton på dina guldklimpar. Kram, Tess.

  29. Congratulations to your sweet new Baby !
    Helga from Austria

  30. Huge congratulations, Louise sweetie!! It is so exciting to read and look at your sweet photos. Love them, especially the one Signe holds her little sister. Such cute little girls you have. I can imaging how happy you are.
    Big hugs to you and your sweet family!

  31. ... forgot to say... love the name Ella!!!!
    Huggies, Karina

  32. Hi Louise, for some reason Google didn't notify me of this post, and I have been waiting to see you announce little Ella to us. I finally decided to venture your blog and see if I missed something, and I did. Ha! She is so precious. Sending congrats. Isn't it so nice that your crafter friends have made so many beautiful things for her.


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