fredag 10 augusti 2012

From special friends around the globe ♥ THANK YOU!

Hi friends and followers!

Today I´d like to share something truly special with you all :)
As I´m sure none of you whom are frequent visitors here have missed I gave birth to a little babygirl on july 17th. I have long known some of my best friends are in blogland but oh boy! You girlies have sent me some STUNNING creations to welcome little Ella into the world! I´m just thrilled and so filled with excitement and joy I can´t even explain in words. You are the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for :) And I´m so proud to be able to call you that :)
As you probably guessed by now I´d like to showcase what has landed in our mailbox over the last few weeks. I actually know for a fact more is on the way or has not yet been photographed by yours truly but I´m thinking I can split the postings a bit because there´s just so much love!

(Oh, and every creation also came with gifts for both Signe and Ella and in some even for me and Johan but I´d like to keep those to myself as it feels personal but be sure of the fact we all treasure them very much! I´m blown away by your generosity!)

This stunning card shaped as a beautiful bib is made by my gorgeous friend Debbie Dolphin from the UK.

From my lovely friend in the USA, Dena, came this adorable card

 All the way from another amazing lady, Debbie Pamment, in Australia came two awesome looking creations! This one AND the book card below :) 

 More beautifulness created in Australia, this time by the gorgeous Karen
Both the lush babycarriage and lilac shaped cards were gifts from her and her family.

 Manuela from Switzerland sent this amazing creation.

From Norway and my cute friend Janne, whom I have had the honor to meet IRL once, sent me this amazing piece of cake :) You can view the other side down here:

Stunning Ingrid from the Netherlands sent me this ubercute card.

 From Germany and my awe friend Tanja comes this gorgeous card.

And two swedish friends also sent me some love! Look at this cute to the boot card from Maria (whom also gave birth to a babygirl a few days ago - CONGRATS)  

And this very cool one from my lovely friend Maritha.

I´m so in love with them all, the one from Maritha will finish of this first part :)
You make me very happy

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hi lovely,
    wow! it just shows what a very popular lady you are xxx
    They are all so beautiful!!
    Your friends are so talented.
    Love,melly. xxx

  2. Åhhh så mycket fina hälsningar du fått till nya prinsessan Pigis!! Visst är väl blogglandet en underbar plats med en massa underbara människor.....du är ju en stor och härlig personlighet i det landet och en supergo tjej,kan tro det strömmar in kort och annat skoj!!
    ha en skön kväll vännen
    Kramar i massor

  3. Oh Louise Amazing. You are so loved around the world.
    Hope baby Ella is going ok xx
    Debbie xx

  4. Välkommen till världen lilla Ella och ett stort grattis till övriga familjen!!! Alla kreationer är helt ljuvliga!
    Kram Mari

  5. OoOH my goodness Louise! These are all so very very gorgeous beyond words, and it's something that is so touching! :) You are indeed such a special person who has lovingly touched so many people's hearts (mines included) and your sweet kindness is something so treasured by all of us! We are all so happy that Ella is here safe and sound with all of you there!

    My dear .. you are one of a kind!!!!

    Big Squishy Hugs!!!

  6. WOW vilken ära att få så många fina kort och roliga kreationer från hela världen! Underbara saker händer underbara människor! <3 <3 <3
    Snart blir det påfyllning ;)
    Hör av mig snäckan!


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