söndag 19 augusti 2012

More beautiful gifts to Ella from around the world ♥

Hi friends and followers!

How are you this evening? I´m hoping you´re doing very well! We certainly are :)
I´d like to take this opportunity to show you the beyond beautiful crafts that Ella has been lucky enough to recieve from my friends all over the world! In this, as the part one post, I have chosen not to show you the stunning gifts that came along with the packages since I´d like to keep them to myself :) But they are all equally lovely! THANK YOU ALL!

From one of my closest friends in all of blogland came this stunning card all the way from England. Thank you my dearest Jane! She also included the beautiful card below that she made for Signe. Signe now keeps it in her room and truly treasures it! She also (!!) made the utterly lovely doorhanger for Ella to keep somewhere in her nursery - lucky girl ha! (picture number 3)

This pink dream was personally delivered by my cute to the boot friend Annette! She leaves nearby and I´m so happy at least one of my friends can cuddle Ella IRL ;) Thank you Annette!  

From another one of my closest friends in blogland arrived a package stocked with crafty goodies! My amazing australian friend Kylie came the following four items! My God, you girlies really spoil me to bits :)
Firstly she made the gorgeous baby sleeping sign for Ellas nursery above - I tell you, it´s soooo sweet :) The card below here is also for Ella and the little parcel on the third picture (the one with Tilda and pencils) was for ME! (YAY!) and the beautiful shaped card with a ladybug is for big sister Signe. It´s now placed beside Janes creation in her room :) Thank you so much beautiful!

From another swedish craft buddy came this utterly lush card and it was a total surprise! I´m so happy Linda, aka Pysselbus, wanted to make this stunning card to welcome Ella into the world :) Thank you, min lilla busa!

My beyond sweet MDUC teamie and friend Kathrin from Germany sent us this awesome and incredibly lush giftset of boxes! One for Ella and one matching for Signe. I tell you they are even m ore lush IRL! So was the gifts inside and I´m so very happy and honored to have them in my collection :) Signe keps this one alongside Kylies and Janes gifts so she has a shelf a lot like mine now with inspiration from around the globe!

Last but certainly NOT least is this beautiful, beautiful canvas frame that my gorgeous friend Kat made for Ellas nursery! (My word, her room is going to be filled with lovely crafts! ;)) I treasure this so much because I really ahrdly even knew her when she created this piece of art for us. She had recently become a gdt at MDUC and of course we couldn´t let her go and now she is a teamie of mine! It warms my heart so much that she wanted to take part in my surprise baby shower arranged by MDUC in july although she hardly knew me! Thank you so much Kat (had to borrow a pic from your blog sweetie as I just wasn´t able to photograph it in a way it made the beautiful nuances justice - hope that´s okay!)

Thank you all!
See you in your blogs! xXx

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  1. OoOH Louise!!! These are absolutely gorgeous ..all of them .. simply GORGEOUS!!! You are such a treasured friend all over the world!!! I tell ya .. my dear Louise, you are truly a Sweetheart!!!!

    Hope you are all doing very well!

    Big Hugs to You!

  2. Oh they are so beautiful, how lovely that you have such wonderful friends xxx
    Just shows how well thought of you are, and it's no wonder!
    Love,melly. xx

  3. Hi Louise, baby Ella is so lucky to have so many wonderful welcomes. I'm a bit late, but congrats on your precious addition. I'm with Elise and Mel, you are the sweetest person with lots of wonderful and dear friends.


  4. OJ OJ OJ!!!!! Vilka heeeelt underbara kort du/ni har fått.....wooow säger jag bara! =)


  5. Men gisses så många underbara kort. Men då är det ju en underbar händelse oxå. Det är en prestation utöver det vanliga att föda barn och det ska ju firas.

    Jag har inte tittat runt på ett tag nu och det är så himla kul att få se vad du hittat på. Jag bara älskat dina tavlor/layouter på familjen. Så underbar bild på barnen. Och dina kort...underbara är dom allihop.

    Kram på dig


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