tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Signe & Ella: LO on canvas frame ♥

Good morning friends and followers!

How are you all today? I hope you´re doing fine!
We are just enjoying our selves and our new familymember here :) We are getting to know our little bundle of joy a little better every day. She is soooo sweet! Definately very kind, she almost never screams - with the small exception of when she is really hungry or needs a diaper change - which she hates! ;)
We are often just at home and Signe has playmates over every now and then. The sad so called summer weather is not very inviting in Sweden this year - it mostly rains all the time..
Today we are going to Helsingborg though, that´s where the little scrapstore I buy my watercoloring paper is located and I´m running out. Looking forward to it! My new Silhouette Cameo has also been delivered but I just haven´t had the time to paly yet. But...I have plugged it in so hopefully really soon now! I can´t wait :)
Everytime I sit diwn to get scrappy either the door bell rings or I need to cook dinner or Signe needs my attention or..Ella needs to eat again!  
A bit like a circus at times but such a good one!

Yesterday evening I simply had to create something as my fingers were really itching me for a play! Last year as we got home from our vacation in Turkey I created an lo and glued it onto one of my deep edge canvas frames. The photo still is very true to my heart and is of Johan and Signe. You can see it here:

It still hangs on it´s place in our bedroom and I love it! I think the picture is so gorgeous and I can see the love beaming between father and daughter here
I have had an idea to create another one to match it but I haven´t gotten around to it until now. I´m constantly walking around with my i phone waiting to catch one of those magical moments of my girlies! I love all of the apps I have loaded into my phone :) I think they´re smashing!
The result is the picture in my new matching canvas (the first one in this post)
You can see them both togheter here:

I just ADORE this beautiful picture of my little daughters. Signe is such a proud big sister and she takes good care of Ella. She helps us out all the time! Look at that precious kiss!

I hope you like this too!
Thank you so much for checking in with me today!
Oh....great....now there´s thunder and lightning too.....
See you in blogland!

Big hugs!

13 kommentarer:

  1. Ååååå min kjære Louise!
    For noen herlige barn du har og så flott en lo du har laget av dine vakre prinsesser :)
    Nydelig å ha noe så vakkert på veggen!
    Så godt å høre at dere koser dere, og jeg kan så godt kjenne igjen følelsen av total lykke over de skjønne små,- og også følelsen av cirkus innimellom! lol, for en herlig tid!
    Nyt dagene vennen
    Masse klemmer

  2. Louise these pictures are so beautiful,
    Congratulations to you an your family. Teresa x

  3. Jadu Louise, om det fanns en OS gren i kortmakeri och scrapbooking skulle du kamma hem guldet överlägset!
    Dina canvastavlor kan inte beskrivas med något annat ord än PERFEKTA. För det är dom, från topp till tå. Dom får hakan att trilla ner till golvet och hjärtat att ta ett extra skutt med sin oerhörda söthet, såååå gulliga!
    Underbara foton av din familj, och fantastiska dekorationer och detaljer.

    Ha en fin tisdag! :)

  4. ÅHHHH Pigan.....vilka helt vansinnigt fina tavlor!! Vilka små skatter att ha på väggen..och som alltid VILKEN DEKORERING!!! Oj oj,du är bara grymt duktig!
    Tjejerna ser bara så söta ut så man smälter och pappa dotter bilden är oxå så talande. Riktigt härligt jobbat vännen!! =)

    Tusen kramar

  5. Louise! These are beautiful frames! AWE! What adorable little girls! You are very blessed indeed!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  6. Vilket super vacker tavla!
    Kan tänka mig att ni fotar mycket nu och framkallar så vackra kort!
    Så härligt att få följa er fina familj!

    Ps. Får man kanske se dig på Magnolias öppet hus dag???

  7. Wow, wow, wow!!! Lojsan.... Du är ju GRYM!!!! Vilka underbara LOs... Ja, den ena har jag sett förut men du har ju fått dem att passa ihop så perfekt!! Helt underbara!!!

    Hoppas det är bra med hela familjen... Skönt att höra att ni fått en snäll liten prinsessa... :-)


  8. Louise this is just adorable just a wonderful layout for such a gorgeous picture of your two princesses!!! The weather here is the same one minute beautiful sunshine then the most horrendous rain!! Love Chanelle xxx

  9. Soooooooooo good to read that you're all doing well Louise and settling into your new routines with your beautiful girls. So lovely that you found a little time to create and what a stunning canvas you made with that gorgeous photograph, it's perfect partner to the other canvas. Love all the pretty details and pearly swirls. Hope you enjoyed your day to buy paper and I can't wait to hear how you get on with the cameo. Hugs, Chris xxx<3

  10. Goodness gracious Dear Louise!!! Your layouts are beyond GORGEOUS!!! Your creativity just never takes a rest .. and I LOVE IT all!!!! All the details .. wheweeeee! I wish you could come over here and do all my photo's that I need to do! lol! :) And those pictures .. they truly are treasures! The one where Signe is giving Ella a kiss .. oh my gosh .. totally PRICELESS that is! That is like .. absolutely PRECIOUS beyond words!! Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us .. such a special part .. I love seeing it all! :)

    Big Hugs,

  11. Vilka underbara layouter du har gjort!! Stort grattis till er prinsessa ♥
    Kram Rebecca

  12. Ååå snäckan! Först av allt är dina flickor är helt bedårande och att fånga ett så fint ögonblick på kort är helt fantastiskt! Och sedan har du gjort ett kanonfint arbete med dina canvas. Superfina detaljer och att de matcher är ju ingen slump... ;)
    Love them!


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